Household Chores For Kids (2-10 years)

Household chore for kids by age

When your child reaches about 2 or 3 years old, they are usually old enough to do some smaller chores. This is a good age to get started so they can begin learning personal responsibility.

Keep in mind they won’t be able to do everything themselves, but it is a great age to have them help you with things.

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Household Chores For Kids - (2-10 years)

Two and Three-Year-Olds

You can have your younger children start helping you with some chores.

* Pick up their toys and blocks when they’re done playing

* Start helping you make the bed They won’t be able to completely do it on their own, but let them assist you while you make it.

* Kids at this age should also be able to help with spills

* Feed the pets with your supervision

* Put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket.


5 Tips to Get Your Kids Do Chores

Four and Five-Year-Olds

When they get a little older, they can start doing more things on their own. This includes doing more of making the bed, being responsible for picking up things in the living room and bedroom, and getting dressed on their own.

Children of this age should also be able to help with some things in the kitchen

* Stirring or putting dishes in the dishwasher

* They can help outdoors by watering plants

* Raking leaves and putting them into bags

* Putting away groceries

* Taking dirty dishes from the table and putting them in the sink

Printable chore chart for kids routine

What School-Aged Children Can Do

By the time your child reaches first or second grade, they should already be comfortable with doing chores and on their way to being capable of doing even more around the house. This includes chores they have already started doing but now can do without supervision.

Six and Seven-Year-Olds

Your children should now be able to make their own beds without supervision. It is okay if it isn’t perfect, but this is a good age to stop helping them. Here is a list of other tasks and chores kids at this age can handle:

* Writing thank-you notes

* Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping

* Taking out the trash, with your supervision

* Folding and putting away laundry

* More food prep, with your supervision

* Cleaning up their room

Kids chore tips. Household chores for kids by age.

Ages 8-10

This is a great age because your kid is starting to become more independent. They are choosing their own clothes.

* Helping with laundry and dishes
* Making their bed and cleaning their room each day

You can also add a few more chores

* Preparing easy meals completely on their own
* Washing the car
* Cleaning their bathroom

I hope this guide helps you make the household chore easier for your kids.
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